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Frequently Asked Questions

Cleanliness is very important in order to lead healthier and more hygiene-oriented lifestyles. At Lissy's Maids we have been providing exceptional cleaning results including dealing with construction cleanup requirements for our community. We believe in being as transparent as possible with our work ethic, approaches, and the results that we provide. If customers do not find helpful insights already covered on this page, they can reach out to us and our customer service professionals will be more than happy to help. We have exceptional results across the entire Clementon, NJ area.

What are the perks of professional house cleaning?

Professionals that offer residential cleaning can deliver exceptional results without cutting any corners. It makes ensuring that any given property is in pristine condition as easy as possible. A clean home is very important to lead a overall healthier lifestyle and hiring experts for these requirements simplifies the process significantly.

Is it necessary to hire experts for post-construction clearance and cleaning?

Professionals that are well-versed in offering a post-construction cleaning service have access to the right set of tools and are aware of what hazardous materials need to be disposed of first in order to secure the site after it has been constructed. Any newly finishes property is not safe to move into and needs to be thoroughly cleaned out once by experts to ensure that there is no exposure toxic contaminants, debris or dirt.

How frequently should deep cleaning be done?

It is strictly advisable to have experts providing deep cleaning whenever clients feel like their properties are not in the best condition possible. As an alternative timeline, hiring experts that offer reliable house cleaning should be done at least once every month to enjoy better hygiene standards.

Do you deal with Airbnb cleaning?

Yes. Apart from regular apartment cleaning, we can also be called upon to provide reliable commercial space cleaning such as an Airbnb. We can help your customers get spotless and thoroughly cleaned accommodation every time they book your space and significantly improve the reviews as well as the number of new customers that you are bound to get, by focusing on the level of attention to detail that we bring to the forefront with our complete house cleaning service.

How experienced are you?

We have been serving our clients over the last decade and have been hired to undertake numerous projects, each being more challenging than the last. Our work, ethic dedication, and determination to be customer service oriented have helped us stand out and thrive in the face of competition.

Our cleaning results speak for themselves, and we are certain that after going through the details we have provided on this page new customers will be more than confident about hiring us. However, if needed we can also provide more insights and urge customers to simply reach out to Lissy's Maids at (609) 214-3418. We are looking forward to hearing from you and conveying why we are the right choice to make across Clementon, NJ.